Aug 29, 2011

Justice! Just The Way I Like It

Platform- Ps3,Steam,Xbox360          

Price- $14.99 (USD)

ERSB- Teen

Genre- Action RPG

Players- 1-2

My score- 9.5/10

From the brilliant minds of Hothead comes an Action RPG known only as Death Spank. Death Spank tells the story of a Hero called Death Spank who is after an artifact that is known only as "The Artifact". After a series of unfortunate events, Death Spank decides to go to Castle Von Prong to kill Lord Von Prong. On his journey to the Castle, Death Spank encounters many quests, weapons, and enemies.

The graphic style of Death Spank is very unique because it was made to be like you are reading a very colorful pop-up book. The dimensions of houses, trees, castles, and weapons are true to the pop-up book style of 2-D but as for Death Spank, enemies, town folks and the way you move about is 3-D.

The combat system relies on the the four face buttons (example X,B,A,Y) to attack with, so you can have up to four weapons equipped at the same time. If you combine you're attacks you will get a damage multiplier to deal more damage. On the D-pad you have four slots for you're potions and spells. A shield is available at the press of the right bumper to defend yourself from attacks also if you time you're attack perfectly you will get a perfect block indicator and you're Justice Meter will completely fill up allowing you to use the special ability of one weapon that glows when the Justice Meter is filled.

Like any RPG you level up by completing quests and killing monsters. Each time you level up you get to choose between some cards that act like perks/upgrades. The only downside is that there is only 20 levels.


* Death Spank is a great game to own if you like a good long RPG to enjoy.

* The clever, smart, and witty writing makes the whole game feel special.

* The ability to play with a friend (local only).

* Easy trophies/Achievements.

* Lots of very fun and different side quests.

* Tons of weapons and armor to collect.